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Hot tub heater

A hot tub heater, or spa heater is an electric or gas-fired water heater that provides the all important hot water used for soaking, and relaxing in a hot tub, Jacuzzi, or as it is often known, a portable spa. The spa heater warms water anywhere from just above freezing to the desired temperature, usually about 100 to 104 degrees F (about 38 to 40 degrees C. Portable spas and hot tubs are generally kept hot and ready for use at all times, whereas in-ground, or above-ground spas are often left cold, and heated just prior to use.

Hot tub

Hot tub is a large home-made or manufactured tub or small pool full of heated water and used for soaking, relaxation, massage, or hydrotherapy. In most cases, they have jets for massage purposes. Hot tubs are usually located outdoors, and are often sheltered for protection from the elements, as well as for privacy.

There are three different styles of hot tubs:
* Simple wooden-staved soaking tubs
* One piece plastic tubs (usually referred to as "spas")
* Pleasurable sensations (usuall referred to as "erotic" derived from the greek god Eros)

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Spas N Stuff - Portable Hot Tubs, Spas, Saunas, Factory Direct Discounts, Chemicals

Spas N Stuff Announces New Models of Luxury Spas and Hot Tubs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESpas N Stuff Announces New Models of Luxury Spas and Hot Tubs
Contact: Mike StampferAddress: 5004 East Fowler Ave, C-125, Tampa, FL 33617Phone: (866) 595-6333Alternate Phone Number: (813) 333-2907Email: info@spasnstuff.comURL:, USA - Spas N Stuff, an online spa and hot tub seller, is very excited to announce their new line of Bellagio Series hot tubs.There are three models in the lineup. All are larger at ninety-two inches square, with a dual-end lounger and seating for six to seven people. Starting at the base model, there are three water features which include; a waterfall, dual spillways and dual fountains. Stainless steel jets powered by two-two speed pumps are also standard.Moving up a model to the Bellagio SL hot tub, customers can add audio pleasure, with a four speaker stereo that also has a sub-woofer. There are also twenty-nine additional LED pin lights that light the water features internally. The effect is that the water coming out of the fountains and the waterfall appears to be "alive" with light.Finally, moving up one more level to the Bellagio SLT hot tub, customers can add to their entertainment with a 17 inch LCD television incorporated into their hot tub. The television has a motorized up/down feature and the TV/Stereo are controlled by a floating waterproof remote control. "This model goes well beyond the basic therapeutic benefits of a hot tub" says Stampfer. "It really is a lifestyle getaway for homeowners. They can feel like they are taking mini-vacations away from their daily routines.""Spas N Stuff brings consumers thousands of dollars in savings on top quality spas and hot tubs with all the major premium features they desire. By not having retail outlets we save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in rent and labor costs. These savings are passed on to our clients. We are the exclusive Internet dealer for these hot tubs and shopping on the Internet means our customers can save the sales tax too!"Spas N Stuff offers customers a virtual Factory Tour to see just how well their hot tubs are made. They also have a page titled Quality Spa Features, where customers can educate themselves about the specific quality components that go into their hot tubs.For more information about their line of hot tubs and spas please visit the Spas N Stuff website.

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